Flaps Full-Up Auto Stop Kit

Introducing a great little kit for those who would like to enhance their standard RV electric flaps system.  With this kit installed, now you will be able to flip the flap switch UP and the flaps will stop automatically when reaching full-up.  Great for touch-and-go's!

Individual kit items are available for purchase separately.  You may already have the reversing relays in which case you might only need the Flap Control Switch or the Flaps Up-Limit Switch.  For further details on the operation of the kit, please see the Blog Posts on the Home page of this site.

The kit includes all necessary mounting hardware and the mating D-sub connectors for the FRB.  Included are the Installation Instructions and Schematic.  Note:  machined pins and sockets not included.

You can pre-order now for the introductory shipment date of September 26, 2012.  Ships USPS Priority Mail free to the U.S.  International ships Priority International (see rate at checkout).

Price: $99.00

Shipping: $0.00


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