3-Channel Trim Relay Board & Hub

This is our 3-Channel Trim Relay Board and Hub.  It adds another set of relays to operate your flaps or speedbrakes directly from the stick grip.  This Relay Board and Hub can process all of the functions found on most stick grips that are currently on the market.  The 15-pin D-sub connectors receive the trim and flap commands from the grip as well as serving as a hub for any of the other functions on the grip and route the appropriate signals or power to the output devices, such as trim servos, radios, autopilot or a smoke system.  The Relay Board facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting of your grip and trim circuits because you can remove the relay board and access each system by using jumpers on the D-sub connectors to test individual circuits.

The 15-pin connectors also provide for three additional grounds which are helpful as all of the grounds from the grip need to be ganged together.

Installation Manual and a Schematic are included along with all required mounting hardware and attaching D-sub connectors.  Note:  machined pins and sockets not included.  If you need pins and sockets, they are available on the Products page.

You can download the Manual here.

Ships US Priority Mail free in the U.S.  Internationally, ships Priority International (see rate at checkout).

This item measures 2" wide x 3.8" long and weights 4.0 ounces. It includes two PCB mounted 15-pin D-sub connectors, one male and one female, to ensure proper orientation of your harness connections. Part number TRB-02F.

Price: $99.00

Shipping: $0.00


4 thoughts on “3-Channel Trim Relay Board & Hub

  1. Hi Pat: First I am not a electrical engineer so I will need a lot of help. I have a Infinity stick grip. I will have a Ray Allen trim servo and position indicator on the elevator and a RV speed brake system. I will use the PTT and switch six. Will the 3-channel TRB fit my need, and will it be easy to set up? What other parts will I need to order from you? Let me know so I can get it on order.

    Thanks Larry

    1. Larry, thanks for your order! We\’re here to help, don\’ hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  2. Pat is about the most helpful person I know of when it comes to relay wiring problem solving. Very patient and methodical and able to understand by phone what a non-EE builder has done (or done wrong). Also makes terrific products. GREAT resource for builders and upgraders. Thanks, Pat.

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