Two-channel Trim Relay Board

Our 2-Channel Relay Board and Hub.  This Relay Board is for stick grips that have a 4-way trim switch and 3 additional functions, for example, a push-to-talk switch, a transponder IDENT button, and an autopilot control wheel steering or disconnect button.  The 9-pin D-sub connectors route the trim commands from the grip as well as act as a hub for any other functions, and route the appropriate signals or power to the output devices such as trim servos, radios or autopilot.  The D-sub connectors facilitate the wiring process as it is fairly simple to crimp machined pins on to the wires and insert them into the connectors.

The Relay Board includes the Installation Manual and a Schematic that illustrates a typical installation.  Mounting hardware is included along with the attaching D-sub connectors.  Note:  machined pins and sockets not included.  If you need pins and sockets, they are available on the Products Page.

You can download the Installation Manual here.

Ships US Priority Mail free in the U.S.  Internationally, ships Priority International (see rate at checkout).

The item measures 2" wide X 3.8" long and weighs 3.75 ounces. It includes two PCB mounted 9-pin D-sub connectors, one male and one female, to ensure proper hookup. Part number TRB-02.

Price: $75.00

Shipping: $0.00


2 thoughts on “Two-channel Trim Relay Board

  1. Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you can wire two Tosten grips with the 2-channel relay board. I have mine wired this way and it works very well. Actually, it works just like you would expect it to work—and the way it works on all of the big jets I ever flew. On the preflight check we always went through a little drill where the captain trims nose down on his yoke and the copilot then trims nose up on his. This will stop the trim motor. Copilot then trims nose down along with the captain and this has no effect. This is repeated for each trim motor and in each direction of travel. The idea is that the copilot can stop a runaway trim situation on the captain’s yoke by just trimming in the opposite direction. After the problem is identified in this manner, the pilot not flying simply pulls the appropriate circuit breaker and the copilot can release his switch. This is the generally accepted manner of handling a runaway trim situation. Works the same way in the RV with my trim board.

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