Product Update: New Improved Ultimate TRB

We were getting a few requests for separate inputs on our Ultimate TRB so that you could use a speed controller for the trim functions.  So we went ahead and modified our top of the line TRB so that you could have discrete voltage inputs for each function on the board.  We also added spike suppressing diodes to the relays.

In keeping with the KISS principal, we had designed the Ultimate TRB with just one voltage input.  This would probably be fine for a simple VFR airplane.  But for a more sophisticated airplane, you would probably want separate fused inputs.  That way if you had a flap problem, for example, and popped the CB, you wouldn’t lose your trim.  Or if you had a runaway trim situation and had to pull the CB, you wouldn’t lose your flaps.  All valid points.

These modifications are a major improvement to out best-selling relay board. We strongly believe that this relay board is the best choice for the homebuilder and will provide years of trouble-free service. We use them in our own airplanes and have yet to experience any faults or failures.

We also had to modify the test module for the separate inputs and added the three switches you see here so that we could isolate each function on the board.  Every TRB we manufacture is thoroughly tested with actual in-flight loads.

NEW! Beginning in September 2016, we began including spike suppressing diodes on the PCB for the relays, which should help increase the lifespan of your controlling switches (grip switches and flap switches), and will also minimize spurious EMF emissions caused by an inductive voltage spike arcing when switches are opened.

Modified Test Module